3 Models of phone booth design project

March 23, 2017

Based on the prior five models, I discussed with the professor and classmates about my design direction. It was a great opportunity to figure out both strength and weakness.

After the feedback, I tried to improve the past models to be more safe and universal, additionally the perspective of sustainability made me consider to pick more meaningful material.



First model


For this model, I tried to improve the previous circular form to be more angulate  for make it easier modular design. Additionally, the bottom’s empty space serves two functions;

  1. The other people figure out if someone is inside the phone booth.
  2. Make it possible the wheelchair to go into the phone booth easier.



Second model


For the second model, I tried to improve the previous phone booth design, which was focused on the perspective of group talking and the form of pergola style, to secure more open type space, so that disabled people can come into the phone booth easily.

It is also focused on securing its own independent space, but also let some areas exposed to outside in the perspective of safety and public area.


Third model


For the third model, I wanted to find the solution of phone booth to meet the needs for both private space and group talking space. So, I decided to apply the modular design. From the design plan, it is possible to represent three type of phone booth;

  1. For one user, a general type. (single module)
  2. For two users, similar to the second model. (double modules)
  3. For group talking, (triple modules)

For each module, the user can make the profile plane separated in order to let the disabled people(wheel chair) come inside easily.




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