2 models for improving peers’ model

March 28, 2017

Last Thursday, in the class, 4-5 members are grouped into several groups and the members discussed each member’s models. We picked two model from different two group members, and tried to improve them.

Before I tried to redesign our group member’s work, I organized my design plan by three concepts;

  1. Minimizing the material – for low cost
  2. Sharing the plane – for less use of physical material
  3. Overlapping each component





First model



I picked Abi’s linear pattern shape phone booth design. For improving her design, I was inspired by the bottom chair design.



From this inspiration image, the linear patterns of two planes were able to be combined into one plane. This joinery method was very effective to minimize the manufacturing cost.



I want to combine two linear patterns into one full plane. For this model, I created it based on triangle and hexagon shape to make the best use of space efficiency. 6 people can use one phone booth.



Second model


For second model, I picked Jack’s model. He was focused on the visibility for safety with using a lot of linear patterns.

I wanted to think differently. I replace the wall in Jack’s design to the floor for redesign.

Each linear curved plane becomes a single phone booth and the group of those single booths makes group talking space inside themselves. People come in and out easily with meeting the visibility for safety as making a gap between each single booth.




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