5 scaled models

March 21, 2017

Based on the preliminary research, I was able to arrange total 7 features for the library phone booth design;

  1. Digitized data
  2. High-technical device
  3. Diverse method of leaning & studying
  4. Diverse media contact
  5. Private space for individual
  6. Private space for group
  7. Architectural decorative elements


Out of those features, I focused on the concept of the private space for individual and group in initial design approaching step.

First model



This model is for individual user. The user can sit facing out against the phone booth. While calling, when they need to make a note, they can turn around and use the table.


Second model


From this model, maximum four users can make a phone call in one phone booth. I focused on using the space as small as possible.


Third model


Two users can make a phone call from each phone booth. I approached in the sense of humorous perspective such as hiding behind the wall, because making a phone in library can interrupt other’s studying. The bottom empty space is for other people figuring out if there is someone inside phone booth.


Fourth model


This model is made for multi-purposes. The inside curved shape is resting table. People can make a phone call in side the curved wall, additionally they can talk any general conversation. When I interviewed people in the library, they want to talk with their friends during studying.


Fifth model


Seven people can make a phone call for each phone booth. People can put their head in the hole. During a phone call, they can see each other. I wanted to make people communicate each other.


From a lot of feedback, I realized that I need to improve the perspective of safety, much more private space and universal design for people who use wheel chairs.



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