Phone Booth project

Feb.28, 2017

I started to research Phone Booth project.

Before working on preliminary research, I tried to understand the assignment’s purpose, plan, inspiration, etc.




The main purpose for this project, “Phone Booth” is to make enable to call in college library. For this object, various perspectives are considered before I start the preliminary research assignment, such as Accessibility, Innovation,  Usability, Technical feasibility, Sustainability, and Aesthetic quality.

Currently, library is not just a space for highly focusing on studying, but also a sort of communication area, so the concept of “Interactive ecosystem” is focused on considering in order to design more high-valued phone booth.

For this project, there are two different perspectives for design;

  1. a place for special or unique
  2. a sense of authentic human attachment and belonging.

For the first factor, diverse emotional elements would be considered, and for the second factor, the keyword of authentic would be focused. I analyzed the meaning of authentic and concluded that it is a perspective of functional stuff. Additionally, general idea would be considered as the perspective of trend.








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