Research of Utilitarian needs

January 19, 2017

After working on the market research, I started to investigate the utilitarian needs of the selected bird, Baltimore oriole.



Based on the broad study of baltimore oriole’s physical&utilitarian knowledge such as their habit, appearance, predator, etc, I divided the information into two poster;

  1. Day in the Life
  2. Year in the Life




For the ‘Day in the Life’ research,  the bird’s particular features of body, habit, their nest, predator, feeding were stated. For the ‘Year in the Life’ research, the information about their migration were mainly focused.

What I was highly impressed by the research of utilitarian needs was their nest form. It is hanging down type on the branch which seems like a pocket. Additionally, baltimore oriole places their nest on a high tree because these bird usually live on a high altitude, so they make their nest on a high tree. Another interesting findings were that this bird usually live alone except for their mating and breeding period and the male birds are making a territory to attract female birds in mating season.

Based on this research process, minimum 40 sketches were performed.





The sketch of the utilitarian needs was progressed in terms of feeding, nest, breeding and predator.

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