Organizing the entire design process

After working on making the previous five 1:3 scale mock-ups, I realized that I need to make the entire design process to be more logical to make more reasonable and unique design form. So, I organized the design concepts and prioritized each concept. Based on that idea, I re-sketched the form of birdhouse.



First, I reorganized a general birdhouse’s feature, and pick the concept of Classic and Pocket form nest as being important.


Second, I reorganized a specific information for baltimore oriole, and considered the concept of directional guardian and spring’s beauty as importance.


Third, I worked on form brainstorming based on four big concept; classic, pocket, direction and spring. After that, from each concept, I prioritized the detailed concept in order;

  1. The grace of Spring – bright and smooth
  2. Classic birdhouse form – Big roof and stability
  3. Directional guardian – edge, orbit and four directions
  4. Pocket form – hanging down



Fourth, after reorganizing those concept, I sketched utilitarian needs and general market research to figure out what source is considered as specific and general.


Fifth, based on the prioritized concepts on step three, I sketched about the single concept.


Finally, I combined each concept and I decided the final design



To make better understand, the below images show how my ideation process has been progressed.







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