Final model and concept statement



Concept statement

This birdhouse is built for a baltimore oriole. The entire presentation is focused on describing the grace of warm spring by the elegant decorative curved lines.This birdhouse for the oriole is highly influenced by its mythological symbol as a directional guardian, so the wind vane is mainly used for representing its concept.

For the bird’s utilitarian needs, it is a hanging down type on the branch of the tree, because baltimore orioles are usually living on a high altitude, so the mechanism is adopted for the easy setting to any height. Additionally, the bird’s original hanging down nest type supports the form. Moreover, the top roof is constructed by a dome style form, so that it blocks the rain fall and snow stacking.

The materials for this birdhouse are raw basswood. For the reason of life cycle of product, I considered its sustainability, in addition, its clear and great quality of surface attracted me to choose itself. Moreover, I tried to use minimum wood glue. Each component of frame does not require the wood glue for attaching. It is able to be assembled by themselves.

Compare to the past, any direction indicators are not necessarily demanded to our life, however, by the analogue element, I wished to connect more intimacy between human and nature with representing the grace of warm spring.

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