Market research

Jan 17, 2017

After deciding a specific bird species, I engaged in working on the market research of current birdhouse. I found 40 pre-existing birdhouse designs which influenced me to consider the initial design plan and made the poster with the images and brief description.



I divided my design direction into two ways;

  1. Modern
  2. Craft

Birdhouses of modern design style were neat, clean, and well organized, while birdhouses of craft style were much more focused on being natural and organic concepts with wired and raw materials. Both design styles showed geometry and symmetrical features.

By this research process, I was able to figure out what kind of features in current birdhouse market are represented, so it helps me to establish the general mind of birdhouse design.

Additionally, even though my market research was mainly focused on the form of birdhouse, other classmates did already come up with a variety of concepts such as ‘communal’, ‘sustainability’, etc. From the discussion session, I could make my thinking process more broad beyond the form and functionality.

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